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Do you ever wonder what gets into your head and makes you act completely out of character sometimes? I feel like it’s a fairly common phenomenon with us girls. Something tears away at us until we can’t take it anymore and we become this evil hormonal monster that scares everyone away. And who is the person we always take it out on, as irony would have it, of course it’s the person we never want to leave, the person we care about the most. Why do we take things so seriously sometimes? It does nothing but cause unwanted drama, I have learned that being able to easily brush things off would save a lot of wasted time being angry. Now, I have to learn to implimemt this into my life. I feel like a lot of the time I start to worry about something small which leads me to being stressed and alouf which usually creates another issue to worry about and so on until I am so far in that I and those around me are miserable. This whole course of behavior is absolutely ridiculous. I’m vowing to try, make a solid effort to not be the stressed out girl from here on out. Let go and enjoy the ride!