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the only black friday shopping….


Ok, so I refuse to get out at 4am and shop the sales on Black Friday, but on my way to work that Friday I stopped by my favorite place on earth, and the only place I will shop on Black Friday… Victoria’s Secret!  I’m so very jazzed about all of my new sexy’s!  Every year I look forward to checking out their holiday collection, it’s always so fun and oh so sexy!  I’m also looking forward to one of my very favorite nights of the year on Nov 30th, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, LOVE!!!  Anyway, back to my finds… I was extremely excited to get my favorite perfume for 1/2 price and bras were all buy one get one half, uh, yes please!  So needless to say I stocked up!  But the collection itself is above and beyond last years, which fell a little short for them.  Panties that had jingle bells and ruffles on the back, a dreamy swarovski encrusted bra, and lots of cute hip-huggers with great “ideas” on them.  I would recommend going and checking it out immediately, a girl never feels sexier than when she has on marvelous lingerie!


skinny bitch…


About 2 years ago on my way back from LA I first read Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin.  It changed my life!  I became a vegan right then and there and swore to never touch any of the grotesque processed food that I had learned the back story of.  I was completely dedicated for about 4 months.  And it was a wonderful 4 months, my skin was smoother, my hair thicker, my stomach which is normally never happy was laying on a beach somewhere chill as could be.  Not the mention the fact that I lost about 15 lbs!!  But with life changes, bad relationships, new jobs, oh and did I mention bad relationships (it’s hard to stay the course when the person you’re dating is making fun of you for being healthy) I was driven away from the lifestyle that actually made me feel my best.  So here I am, I re-read the book, was as pumped up just as much if not more as I was the first time and now with Kim Barnouin and her new everyday cookbook I am ready to go!!  Vegan-ism here I come!!  From Strawberry cupcakes to avocado lime ice cream and everything in between Kim has given us Skinny Bitches a whole new round of delicioso recipes that would make any meat eating gal or guy going vegan in a heartbeat!

back for more…


I seem to have abandoned something that truly gives me great pleasure for reasons unknown, but I’m back and ready to share my ideas, loves and interests with everyone.  It’s very calming to share ideas and thoughts that pass so quickly through our minds each day.  So I am looking forward to getting back to ipinkican and sharing some of me with all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!!