the “l” word.

That word. You know, Love, the one that has the power to change the world or your life or your day. The one that can hurt like hell but be the greatest gift ever given, ever received. That word that I heard for the first time last night. I cannot wipe the smile off my face or my heart, and why on earth would i want to. I have been dreaming since i was 3 about the day the man of my dreams would tell me he loved me (yeah, i skipped the “boys have cooties” phase, a young hopeless romantic!) and boy after boy i have been left without any of those moments and you start thinking its such a fairytale and that youve made it out to be far too unreachable of a moment. Dont ever believe that!! That moment, that imagined, magical moment that i started creating and waiting for so long ago happened to me last night. And it was nothing like the dream, no, the dream couldnt hold a candle to the reality. With all of my romantic nature and vast imagination i could have never done that moment justice. It was simple, beautiful and im floating a mile higher than anything i could hope for. Words are my love language. And I’ve met a man that uses words to shake me to the core every day, he makes me fall in love with him every time he opens his mouth. This is what ive been searching for. A partner, a lover, a friend…and hes more than i could have come up with if i tried. He is everything, he is perfect, i am his and he is mine and for this i am truly happy. A happy i didnt know i could have, or even existed. He asked me if when we met that night for the first time if i ever dreamed we would be this happy. Thats the magic of life, of love, its where you least expect it and right in front of your eyes. I love him, quite a bit actually, quite a bit indeed. Let me ask you? what do you do when you realize that all of your dreams have come true? embrace it, hold on for dear life, and be thankful for the rarest gift of all.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams”


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