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welcome, welcome…


I am a fashion designer with a passion for just about everything in life, well maybe not everything, but I love to write, I love to create, and I love love so here I am!  Sit back, read, laugh, relate, or disagree, but enjoy none the less!

Things I believe:  pink will always make me happy;  relationships are hard, but loving should be easy;  airports make me feel cozy and important;  jokes can solve any problem life can throw at me;  a long, slow kiss can make your world stop;  no one is going to survive life and worrying about it will not change that;  there is something to be said for sitting on a porch swing in the middle of nowhere and thinking about your life;  watching the sun set on the beach will always relax you;  wearing make-up and dressing nice does not mean that you’re not beautiful inside, but it will never make you that way;  laughter holds relationships together;   sometimes we find exactly what we weren’t looking for;  and there are more things in this lifetime than we will ever see, do or hear, so make your list, take chances, do as much as you can and enjoy each moment of it fully and with love.