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peace on my mind.


I have peace on my mind today, but I’m having a very tough time achieving it. Things I have to be happy about: my career (one day at a time my dream is coming to fruition), my girlfriends (I’ve recently taken stock of who’s toxic and who’s healthy for me, these girls are so much love in my life), my health (let us never forget to be thankful for this), my family (I hate being so far away, I love them dearly), a good cup of coffee + my computer and the ability to write, my beautiful little niece (she’s perfect), a new special connection with a great guy and the future that could hold (must learn patience and have faith in this one), inner happiness (I am finally coming to realize who I really am, its been a journey and i know there is much more road to cover but i have fallen in love with me, who i have become), and i know this is kinda doubling up but i have finally met a man that at the very least has taught me what im really looking for, how i deserve to be treated and that amazing men are out there, sometimes right on your doorstep (i am thankful and grateful for this lesson, and looking forward to spending more time with him). With all of that why am i having a tough time with peace. The Daily Love ( today was about being calm in times of chaos, acting as you would when the chaos has been resolved but doing it in the middle of the chaos instead of letting it get to you. I dont know about you but this is a lesson i need to learn and stat. I am choosing today to make this happen. This is what i know and what i choose to keep me calm today: he is good, he is handsome and beautiful inside too, he is sweet and kind, funny!, full of nonsense and my heart lights up when he looks at me the way he does. Faith, hope & love… This is all i can do, and i am full of all 3.
Let love guide you to be yourself, to believe in good and to live in the present and enjoy it.


the meaning of ignorance.


“to do something over and over again the same way expecting different results.”. This was the definition of ignorance that was brought to my attention this week. I heard it and immediately said “isn’t that dating.”. There’s a fine line with dating. You have to take the past and learn from it, grow, and I suppose each time you meet someone new you’ve learned a little and thus changed at least some of how you take on the next person, but you also have to always be yourself. Of course “yourself” changes constantly but I think you do go about dating being yourself each time and waiting for the moment that you find someone and join up in mutual weirdness.  I think there is a beauty in ignorance and when we let ourselves believe that this time it might just be different, that’s the only time that the difference will occur.  You have to have faith.  And if that means being open and dreaming and being “ignorant” in some peoples mind, then so be it.  It’s hard, it’s a game to date and as women we get our feelings hurt quite often, but to stand by up and try again is not ignorance, it’s beauty in it’s rarest form.  Faith.  We must believe in the good, it is out there and hoping for it and having faith in it may bring some people to ridicule you and call you naive, but it is them who is naive and shut off from love.  How could you possibly find love if you are shut off from it.  It’s impossible.  It’s us, the ones who keep the faith and keep trying no matter how hard we get pushed down that will be rewarded with pure bliss and all the things the universe has in store for us, which is everything we desire in our hearts.  Be ignorant, have faith and the world will be your oyster!